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The Other Side of Outsourcing - by Rory Young, CRO

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As some of you may know, I recently gave a presentation at a Brand Chain event called, "The Other Side of Outsourcing." 


For this presentation, I wanted to change things up a bit and provide a fresh look at a misunderstood term.  Sure, I touched on a lot of frequently asked questions, lessons learned, and dove into the pros and cons of outsourcing, but I wanted to frame all of these conversations around a few stories of some of the most impressive people I’ve met over the last 3 years. 


Since I think this presentation changed some people's perspectives, I decided to turn some of it into a blog...


Let's start with the definition of outsourcing-

Outsourcing is a business practice of hiring an outside company or individual contractor to carry out tasks and projects that are not done by an in-house team member or department.


There are reasons some might be hesitant towards this business practice for sure.  

I won’t try to tackle them all right now, but I think on a macro level the biggest thing people miss when they are considering this option is they still see it as a complete departure from their current team building plan, when in essence, we should be looking at this through the lens of staffing up your company with a remote workforce. 


If done properly you can:

  • Build your team out faster!
  • Drive retention.
  • Provide a better experience to your customers.


But, this all starts with the basics.

Find great
people and set them up for success…which brings me to tell a few stories of my friends here at DCX...


1. Bernadette


Bernadette at Computer Accounting LP

Here's Dette!


Let's start with Bernadette, Bernadette works for DCX in the most challenging job every created…My Sales Assistant!


We hired Bernadette (Dette) in June 2021 as our 7th full-time employee. Initially, her role was loosely defined, focusing on tasks like sending templated emails, managing CRM data, and assisting with sales presentations. Dette's first real job with a US company presented a learning curve, but her intelligence and eagerness to learn were evident from the start. Over time, her responsibilities expanded to include participating in sales calls, handling follow-ups, and managing aspects of my inbox.


In 2022, Dette experienced a real breakthrough when:

  1. We expanded the team, allowing her to train new members and showcase her expertise.
  2. I visited Manila, a trip that really strengthened our working relationship.
  3. A discussion about Dette's personal goals led to aligning her work with her aspirations for travel and supporting her parents' retirement.

As a result of these changes and Dette's hard work, her career has flourished. She has:

  • Been promoted to Senior Sales Assistant.
  • Taken on leadership and management responsibilities.
  • More than tripled her salary through bonuses and commissions.
  • Achieved personal milestones such as buying a car, traveling within the Philippines and to South Korea, and starting a retirement fund.
  • Helped bring on over 1600 team members for partners!


Dette's growth and success have been a rewarding experience for both her and DCX, demonstrating the positive impact of investing in employee development and aligning personal and professional goals.

It's truly been life-changing to witness. 

2. Crisha



Crisha and the rest of her CSP team.


Crisha, previously a Customer Service Representative, was drawn to DCX because of our promise of long-term remote work and opportunities to showcase her diverse abilities.

She interviewed with Creative Studio Promotions (CSP), one of DCX's new partners at the time, who were looking to manage their growing online store business. Crisha's experience, personality, and strong communication skills impressed CSP, leading to her hire.

For Crisha, this opportunity has been transformative. She has been promoted twice and now serves as the E-Store Project Manager.


The role has provided her with:

  • An excellent work-life balance.
  • A direct reporting relationship with CSP's owners.
  • The stability to get married, buy her first home, and envision a long-term future with the company.

The impact on CSP has been equally significant. Crisha was their first experience with outsourcing, and her quick learning, intelligence, and quiet confidence opened their eyes to new growth possibilities.

CSP now employs nine team members through DCX, has visited their Philippines team, and plans further expansion. They're even eager to build a team under Crisha's management.

3. Aylie


Aylie's journey with DCX began similarly to many others during the post-COVID era. As a mother of two, she sought a work-from-home position and, despite never having worked for a US company before, decided to become one of DCX's first Promo Academy trainees.

After a month of training in the promotional products industry, Aylie interviewed with Printable Promotions, who were seeking their first overseas hire as an assistant for their Marketing & Operations Manager, Stacie Long. Stacie was immediately impressed by Aylie's "contagious energy," marketing background, and eagerness to learn. Aylie's newly acquired promo industry knowledge sealed the deal, making her the clear choice for the role.

Aylie's enthusiasm was evident from day one, which she cites as her favorite day on the job. Her role has since expanded significantly, evolving into a versatile position that encompasses marketing, product sourcing, production assistance, social media management, website maintenance, and various other projects. 

On top of all that, she:

  • Is an active participant in all sales and production meetings, often bringing energy and humor to the team.
  • Regularly joins online happy hours and after-hours games with colleagues.
  • Is thankful to receive thoughtful gifts from Stacie, including a back-to-school Spiderman set for her son!
  • Named her new car after Stacie. 
  • Is planning her first-ever trip to the US, visiting Chicago in October.
  • Is now living in her first home! 


Check out Aylie's part of the DCX Influencer Episode 1 at our Fun Day event!


 4. Rory


There's one more quick story I want to tell - my own.

For those who don't know, I came from the promo space before joining DCX, working on the manufacturing side. 

I had worked with outsourced teams before and found the experience to be "OK," but I certainly wasn't passionate about it. When starting with DCX, I thought I was just taking a cool opportunity to work with a good friend, but I must say that the last three years have completely changed my perspective. 


DCX Fun Day 2023 (437)

With the help of our partners, we've helped employ almost 2,000 people in the Philippines so far, and I think that will be doubled in no time.

I've been to the country three times and hope to go twice a year going forward.

Last year, when I was walking through Dette's neighborhood, a woman stopped me on the street because she recognized my DCX logo. She told me her son worked for us and it was the best job he ever had.

It doesn't get much better than that.


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