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The Link Between Sustainable Growth and Team Wellness - by Craig Dunlap, CEO

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Staying fit and healthy means being proactive, checking on what you’re doing well and seeing if there’s a better way to do it. That’s true in life and in business. 
DCX has grown significantly since we started in 2020, and outsourcing has allowed us to do that without the burnout that you might expect. 
We’re just getting started. We want to continue to do more, and that means constantly asking ourselves how we can do this even better. 
As always, it comes back to people. Being a great employer that people want to stay with - helping people feel and perform at their best. 
It's this core DCX value that's led us to really ramp up our approach to and investment in team member wellness in 2024. 


The Business Case 

Engagement, retention, productivity, customer satisfaction - there are real benefits for companies that invest in wellness. 
But the traditional view of outsourcing as just “getting stuff done” means that investment often doesn’t stretch to outsourced team members. 
The result is a lot of turnover, a lot more time training up new people, and the missed opportunity of working year-in, year-out with someone that really gets your business. 
It was one of the things we wanted to change about outsourcing when we started DCX. Creating an engaged team that chooses to stay with us year after year has always been our priority. 
Wellness helps us retain top global talent, and for that talent to be motivated and perform at their best. 


No One-Size-Fits-All 

There’s no one right answer to keeping people happy and well. 
And with a global workforce, you also need to think about stresses that might be different to your own life on the other side of the world. 
At Meyer Dunlap, for example, we got feedback from our Philippines-based employees that their hour-long commute was a burden in terms of time and cost. So, to try and alleviate that stress, we provided transportation. 
In the US, that kind of incentive wouldn’t have been useful, but for the team there it was a meaningful improvement to their day. 


Global Policy, One-On-One Support 

Our team leaders are incredible. They know their teams, their strengths and weaknesses, but also their priorities and motivations. 
It’s why they’ll be playing a big part in our wellness program. 
We’ve invested in eight different areas of support. There’ll be a ton of different internal communications and initiatives, but one of the most important investments we’re making is in training our team leaders on what support is available and how people can access it. 
Team leaders will be holding one-on-one meetings with each and every DCXer, identifying individual challenges and priorities and signposting them to the support that will make the biggest personal impact. 


The Long Game  

It’s easy to start a big wellbeing initiative full of good intentions. But then push it to the side when another priority, deadline, or challenge pops up. 
It’s easy to blow the budget on a one-off big wellness day or amazing support for one area. 
But wellness isn’t a one off. 
To support growth in a long-term, meaningful way, it needs to be about consistent, sustainable support and letting people know it’s there and how to access it. 
We’ve designed our wellness program to support everyone, while having the flex to meet individual needs.  And we’ll keep being proactive, checking back to make sure that’s the case. 

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