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DCX Culture and Retention- Interview with Brad Penman

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At DCX, we truly value initiatives that make a positive impact on our employees' lives and contribute to a thriving company culture. That's why we sat down with Brad Penman, our EVP of Retention and Culture, for a chat about all the fantastic DCX initiatives. Here's what he had to say:

1. What specific strategies or initiatives have you implemented to foster a positive workplace culture and enhance employee well-being within the organization? 

I am a big believer in the “6 Strategies of Retention” and we have developed specific programs to address each area. Creating an effective wellness initiative for our company has so many positive aspects of why individuals stay at DCX - professional growth, purpose, personal connection, and individual and family care.   


2. How do you measure the effectiveness of your wellness programs and initiatives? 

A couple different ways. First, we look at engagement and participation in our programs. We are striving for a minimum of 50% attendance throughout the year. This is ambitious and challenges us to have relevant and quality programs addressing the specific needs of our team and their families. Second, we are measuring retention, turnover, and performance related to health and wellness issues. We are fortunate to have a very low turnover rate but if we can show a reduction in turnover due to addressing physical and mental health issues through smart and proactive programming, we will have achieved a successful wellness program.


3. How do you ensure that employees feel valued and supported in their roles? 

Going back to the 6 Strategies, we have to make sure we are incentivizing them, providing opportunities for growth, and investing in them and their families. With a fully virtual company, we have to ensure there is always a personal connection, and we do that through systematic and random manager check-ins, partnership with our clients, and real-time data that indicates if a team member is struggling. We have found if the team member is supported by their manager and the client; performance, retention, and happiness increases.


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4. What important roles are you hiring for that will impact the DCX wellness initiatives? 

Wellness is a major focus this year for DCX, and we are investing heavily into helping our team become healthier. I am very excited that we have brought on Kurt Christian Arcangel, who is a licensed Psychologist and Psychometrician (yes, I had to look that one up!) and is experienced in developing and managing wellness programs for large companies. I am partnering with Kurt and his team to focus and develop virtual and in-person programming focusing on 8 areas of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, intellectual, occupational, and community.


 5. How do you incorporate feedback from employees into the ongoing development and refinement of your wellness, culture, and retention initiatives? 

It is pretty simple – we ask our team members to give us honest ratings and feedback on a regular basis. It is crucial to take that feedback to heart and create initiatives addressing their concerns. Regarding wellness, we had to establish a benchmark to understand the current state of our team members wellness. We do that through specific wellness surveys that asks about personal wellness state and interest and effectiveness of each program we are executing. This allows us to hear specific feedback from our team members and adjust when necessary. From a culture and retention standpoint, we administer a quarterly employee engagement survey and share the results and upcoming strategies to address the areas of improvement. Transparency is critical for building trust. 


6. Where do you see the wellness program in the next year, and the next five years? 

This year is about building on what we started last year but in a more strategic way. With Kurt and a dedicated wellness team that is focusing solely on developing quality wellness content and activation, we feel great about our 2024 plan. One thing I am really excited about is we will develop DCX community centers throughout the Philippines in the future. These centers will be multi-purpose giving our team members a physical location to receive support, care, a place to connect with others, participate in wellness activities, and allowing us to help others through our charitable initiative, DCX Cares.  As we continue our incredible growth as a company, investing and prioritizing wellness will become even more important and will be one of the pillars of why people want to join and stay at DCX.


7. What 3 words do you hope DCX team members would use to describe the DCX approach to workplace culture and wellbeing? 

Caring, consistent, authentic.



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