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5 Great Ways to Show Your Team You Value Them

Whether you’re offshoring your employees for the first time or maintaining long-time employees, you know how important it is that team members stick around. Showing them how you value them is the best way to ensure high employee retention.

Here are some great simple tips:


  • 1) Acknowledge a Job Well Done
  • 2) Send Swag
  • 3) Add Responsibilities
  • 4) Include Them in Companywide Meetings
  • 5) Ask for Their Opinion on Changes and Process Improvements

1. Acknowledge a Job Well Done

Even a short note can go a long way. Your employees feel better about their work when they know somebody is watching—and appreciating—the good things they do.

When your company is outsourcing employees, sometimes you’ll end up an ocean apart from the dedicated team members carrying out your instructions. Make it a two-way street and send them a thank you for every job done right.

2. Send Swag

It’s no different than being part of the football squad: you know you’re part of the team when you get to wear the team’s logo. It’s a quick and easy way to boost morale and bring a smile to your people’s faces when they pull a new shirt or hat out of a special delivery.

We send packages to our teams in The Philippines once a month. Send us your swag, and we’ll make sure it gets over there.

3. Add Responsibilities

Giving more work to someone shows them that they’re valued and have excellent job security. It’s a way to show your offshoring staff that you trust them and want to invest in their continued success.

If you’re worried about showing how much you value employees, check-in on their workload and start delegating new and exciting tasks wherever there’s room to grow.

What may seem like a small gesture to you can significantly impact your employees and leave lasting effects.

4. Include Them in Companywide Meetings

Even if they are remote, offshore employees can attend important meetings. Nothing says you’re part of the company like getting that invite to all-staff gatherings, whether in the same room or through a screen.

Sometimes it’s the gesture of the invite itself that does the trick, even if the team member prefers to skip an optional remote meeting. Outsourcing your employees doesn’t mean leaving them out of essential conversations.

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5. Ask for Their Opinion on Changes and Process Improvements

This one is almost a no-brainer: when it comes to your team and their workload, no one understands the process better than them. With employee outsourcing, it’s even more important to check in with the people on the ground at the job site.

If you make that extra effort to consult your offshore employees on future changes, you’ll get some of the best possible advice for streamlining the workday. Plus, it makes your employee feel like their voice is heard, which is a significant factor in employee retention.


Regardless of how you do it, showing your offshore team members that they are a critical part of the team is essential for success. What may seem like a small gesture to you can significantly impact your employees and leave lasting effects.

Whether it’s a kind note, company swag, or an invite to a staff meeting, these are simple and proven ways to show your team they’re valued.

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